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A Wedding Ceremony to Build a Dream On


Just when you thought your wedding planning couldn’t get any more exciting, you can now officially hold your civil wedding ceremony here! The Laurels is our shiny new ceremony enclave, cradled in ethereal Scrivelsby Walled Garden. And it’s a truly spellbinding setting for painting the masterpiece of your matrimonials.

Where Elegance and Enchantment Intertwine
Imagine saying your “I Do’s” in a fairytale place where sophistication and nature interlace to stunning effect. The Laurels seats up to 120 guests and acts as the canvas for a bespoke ceremony as extraordinary as your love.

A Wedding Ceremony Fashioned to Your Fantasy
We celebrate life, love and happiness in its myriad forms, ensuring your day weaves the unique tapestry of your union. So, it’s completely up to to decide how your vow-taking fits into your nuptial plans?

  • A heart-stopping al fresco ceremony in The Laurels?
  • A traditional exchange of vows at St. Benedict’s Church, just a short stroll away?
  • A blessing to mark your marriage, after officially wedding elsewhere?

Your day. Your way.

From Promises to Party
After the joy of your ceremony, let the celebrations begin in our luxurious tipis. They’re galaxies apart from your average tents. In comparison, these stylish sanctuaries are purpose designed to transform your reception into a spectacular. Could there be a more enthralling way to start your beginning of forever? (Answers on a postcard!)

A Bold and Beautiful Sanctuary
Alluring Scrivelsby Walled Garden is a haven for discerning couples and seasoned wedding planners in pursuit of unique and ‘other’. After all, your ceremony is a momentous scene in the extraordinary act of your special day. So, let yourself fall under our spell and dare to dream differently. Because with us, every detail is an opportunity to sprinkle a little extra magic.

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Wonderland Wedding Venues | A bride and groom stand in a field, wrapped in a veil that billows in the breeze. They gaze into each other's eyes, smiling, with the golden field and clear sky as the backdrop. The bride wears a white gown, and the groom is in a dark suit—another magical moment at Wonderland Wedding Venues.
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