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Whether it’s views of the Peak District in the Derbyshire countryside, a secluded farm in Nottinghamshire, or the tranquil forests of Darlington, the UK boasts an abundance of stunning locations for outdoor weddings. But with those choices of outdoor locations, comes with the unpredictability of British weather. To ensure your special day goes smoothly, it’s essential to have strategies in place to cope with weather changes. canvas weddings offer a sense of intimacy and exclusivity that is often difficult to achieve in traditional indoor venues. The flexible layouts and rustic charm of Tipi’s provide couples with the freedom to host a wedding that reflects their personalities, preferences, and love story. This is our guide to creative ideas and practical tips to weatherproof your outdoor wedding and embrace whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

The UK seasons are pretty distinct, each with its own weather patterns. While summer weddings offer longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures, they may also experience occasional rain showers. Autumn and spring weddings provide milder weather but may require additional heating or shelter from wind and rain. Winter weddings do offer a cozy and romantic atmosphere, but necessitate some planning for colder temperatures and potential snowfall.

1. Shelter Solutions:

  • Canvas Venues: Opt for sturdy structures that can provide shelter from rain or strong winds. Opt for models with sidewalls that can be easily opened or closed depending on the weather conditions.
  • Covered Areas: Utilise spaces that are undercover for key wedding activities like the ceremony or reception. Ensure there is enough space in these areas for all guests to shelter.

2. Flexible Décor:

  • Portable Décor: Choose décor elements that can be easily moved indoors if needed, such as potted plants, lanterns, and signage.
  • Waterproof Materials: Select materials that are resistant to water damage, such as specific outdoor lighting (festoon), acrylic signage, and plants that don’t mind a shower!

3. Comfort Amenities:

  • Heating and Cooling: Ensure your venue has portable heaters or fans to keep guests comfortable in varying temperatures.
  • Blankets and Fans: Provide cosy blankets for guests to use if the weather turns chilly, or hand-held fans to keep guests comfortable in warm weather.
  • Umbrellas: Have a stash of umbrellas on hand for guests to use in case of rain showers, these could double up as parasols if a sunny day lies ahead.

4. Ceremony Adaptations:

  • Flexible Timing: Consider adjusting the timings of your day if necessary to avoid the worst of the weather for photographs for example.
  • Communication: Keep guests informed of any changes to the ceremony schedule due to weather via your wedding website or social media channels.

5. Catering Considerations:

  • Flexible Menu: Work with your caterer to create a menu that can easily transition from indoor to outdoor dining if needed.
  • Beverage Options: Offer a variety of hot and cold beverage options to suit changing weather conditions, such as mulled wine in winter and chilled lemonade in summer.

6. Photography Plans:

  • Indoor Options: Scout indoor locations at your venue or nearby for wedding photos in case of rain.
  • Embrace the Elements: Don’t let a little rain dampen your spirits! Embrace the opportunity for unique and memorable photos with umbrellas, rain boots, and puddle reflections.

7. Communication and Flexibility:

  • Keep Guests Informed: Provide clear communication to guests about the possibility of outdoor weather conditions and any contingency plans in place.
  • Stay Flexible: Remember that weather forecasts can change rapidly, so stay flexible and be prepared to adapt your plans as needed on the day of the wedding.

Conclusion: While planning an outdoor wedding in the UK may come with a few challenges, careful preparation and some creativity means you can weatherproof your celebration, and create unforgettable memories regardless of the forecast. By embracing the beauty of nature and staying flexible in your plans, your outdoor wedding can be a magical and unforgettable experience for you and your guests whatever time of year you choose. The allure of outdoor weddings and honoring the rich tradition of marrying under canvas is why we have so many happy customers of Wonderland Weddings across the UK from early Spring to late Autumn.

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